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If you are one of the few engineers that still hasn’t seen our weekly ‘Swarf & Chips’ show, you really are missing out on the industry’s most talked-about news program. We are now in our 4th year with over 200 shows available to view, offering a real insight into many manufacturing sites products and solutions.

The MTDCNC weekly Swarf & Chips show has a reach of over 600,000 engineers, figures that are rapidly rising each week. Promoted via our huge social media reach YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn channels to name a few.

Many of our shows consist of a round-up of the latest technology that has been launched by the OEM’s, whether its machine tools, cutting tools, CAD/CAM software, automation, coolant and fluid management or anything else for that matter – we cover it. However, over the last 6 months we have been on the road visiting many engineering companies and reporting of their processes and successes.

So, if you are just looking for a round-up of the latest technology, insightful and informative interviews or if you are in the market for new technology, our Swarf & Chips program can help you make informed decisions. For some engineers, it’s an opportunity to take a peek behind the doors of how other manufacturers in your sector are producing parts.

Make sure you set your alarm at 12:30 pm every Friday to view the latest show….



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